Studio News

  • SEPTEMBER / 2013

Artisan Glass Sculpture

Glass blowing has always fascinated me. I've been drawn to unusual glass sculpture for many years and have never really understood exactly what goes into creating them. I've recently started a major project and have decided to incorporate hand made glass sculpture. Luckily we had some great connections and ended up commissioning artisan glass blowers, EdolsElliot to produce a series of large hand-made vessels.

Ben Edols and Kathy Elliot welcomed me into their studio to check out how it all comes together. Such an interesting arfternoon and a fascinating process to experience. I did propose a brief that was going to be a physical challenge and something Ben had never tried before. He obviously loved this and we ended up with some very beautiful, extremely unique products. Thanks for all the hard work guys, they are truly stunning pieces of work and have made the 'Organum' project very individual.