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'Organum' Advance

I've run a few posts recently about the development of 'Organum', by Peter Gilmore, the renowned chef from the internationally acclaimed Sydney restaurant, Quay. It's been one of the most involved projects I've ever worked on and has seen us travelling around some very remote parts of Australia to meet the dedicated producers who help make this restaurant such a success.

This book however, is more about Peter's philosophies on nature, texture, intensity and purity within his dishes. There is no restaurant setting, only the creativity of one of the country's best chefs. This book explores the people that share this journey with him and who inspire the passion he has for his craft. An amazing project to work on and a big effort by all involved. Thanks to photographer Brett Stevens for entertaining my wierd reflective glass ideas. We got there.

'Organum' is published by Murdoch Books and will be on shelves in December.