Studio News

  • OCTOBER / 2013

Into the Wild

We flew into Launceston, Tasmania in the middle of a major storm. Flooding everywhere, rivers overflowing, it was a really wild start to a great journey visiting some of the best producers in the state. This is the first of several shoots around Australia, meeting some of the passionate producers who contribute to the food of Peter Gilmore, chef of the internationally acclaimed Sydney restaurant 'Quay'.

A few years ago I designed Peter's first book 'Quay – Food Inspired by Nature' and was invited to do it all over again with his second book 'Organum', which is due out this year in November. The direction for this project is very different and we are focusing on influences within his cuisine and the people who bring this to life. Nature, Texture, Intensity and Purity all play a major role in Peter's approach to food and this is highlighted by the unique produce he sources from all over Australia. The stories of the producers, which feature in the book, are all inspiring and share Peter's passion for ethical and sustainable methods of production and supply.

Tassie was great, South Australia was incredible also. We've travelled to some pretty remote areas for this project and I've been lucky eneough to experience how passionate some of these guys are in doing what they love. A very inspiring project to date and a learning experience for us all. Now onto those food shots...