Studio News

  • JULY / 2014

The Greengrocer's Diet

It's a remarkable thing to see someone lose over 20 kilos, simply by changing the pattern of how they eat and when. I've always been dubious of any diet that works on the fringes of extreme. Lemons for 2 weeks... nothing but green food... that kind of thing. Judy Davie, aka 'The Food Coach', has commissioned me to design a book that's not your usual diet hard sell, but a guide for healthy living like no other. It's about balancing your approach to food and learning to eat seasonally. I thought it was a really important perspective which needs to be recognised, so decided to help her with designing and producing the 'The Greengrocer's Diet'. We teamed up with photographer Brett Stevens and stylist Ainsley Johnstone, then managed to take over Judy's house for weeks but ended up with some great pics. Thanks for the delicious goodie bags too, Judy!

This book is due for release in November and is published by Pan Macmillan Australia. Judy is also developing a community website for participants of this diet, offering guidance, recipes and insight. It will build a network of members and become a valuable tool for people wanting to achieve real results.